The Kingdom of Vorsil

Vorsil is one of the most productive agrarian societies in existence. It functions on a feudal system in which the king owns all of the land, the land is governed by three lords and their separate fiefs are divided into smaller regions. Throughout history the king has acted as a mediator between his vassals, often having little true power. Successfully fighting off the Elves of Ilrodus and taking some of the land in the Tornian Tundra Vorsil had and still has the mightiest military in the Eastern Kingdoms, though their armies are now greatly weakened.

Kervo: Long ago this town was simply a small fishing town. However as more and more people moved into the Tornian Tundra, Kervo was the only port in the region so it served as a funnel for all people immigrating, as well as all of the imports and exports to and from the region. The town grew to a city, much to the dismay of some of the town’s original inhabitants. Some went so far as to form a terrorist group known as the Crimson Axe, which frequently raids shipments and buildings in the city plundering supplies and disrupting trade. The cities governing Council consists of the five tradernoble families in the city. Most of their work revolves around stopping the Crimson Axe so that the city is safe for trade and they get more money in their coffers. Each of the Houses keeps their own military. The Houses names in decreasing amounts of power are:

The House of Tumir – green with golden bear on crest

The House of Retät – dark red with blue fox on crest

The House of Vuman – turquoise with red turtle on crest

The House of Ramirez – blue with silver eagle on crest

The House of Feomathar – black with white raven on crest

The Kingdom of Vorsil

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