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The World of Serubar

The world is divided into two major regions, the Eastern Kingdoms, and Western Kingdoms. Due to religious conflicts, these two regions do not get along (for more information see Background). Our campaign will likely take place entirely in the Eastern Kingdoms.


The Eastern Kingdoms

The Nation of Sumir

Sumir: A desert kingdom ruled by a Shah. Most of the Regions population is centered around the capital of Cirri in the west, since it is the only part of the kingdom with significant farmlands and abundant water from the Ainmhidh River. The rest of the kingdom is sparely populated, with a small number of tiny villages center around some large oases.
Major Cities:
Cirri (capital) – Highly cosmopolitan, located at the mouth of the Ainmhidh river on the Umleten sea. Home to one of the two most influential rogues guilds in the Eastern Kingdoms, The Jade Hand.
Coragon (Former Capital) – Once cosmopolitan, now largely abandoned. It sits on the Wuni Ocean and is used as a resting point for ships traveling down the coast. It is a well known hangout for wanted men, due to its remote location.

The Empire of Ilrodus

Ilrodus: The woodlands empire of the elves, ruled by a council of nobles. From the elves point of view the empire can be seen as two regions, the Woods of Frith, and everything else. Inside of the woods, it is extremely rare to find any non-elf. The area outside of the woods consists largely of what the elves consider “conquered territory” and as such non-elves are readily found here.
Major Cities:
Harnar (Capital) – The economic center of the empire, Harnar rests on the edge of the Wood of Frith on the Wuni Ocean. Good from within the woods are brought here and transported either by boat or caravan to Vorsil and Nyroc. The city is fairly low key, renowned for its cleanliness and its near total lack of crime.
Pandrodor (Former Capital) – Pandrodor can only be described as fantastic. A city within and of the great forest which surrounds it. The city seems to almost be a part of the forest, as trees are interspersed throughout all of the buildings. Some of the larger trees have entire buildings constructed amid their branches. The city serves as the center of worship for Ionraic, who is said to have planted the first tree of the woods of Frith at the city center. Though not forbidden, per se, the city is well guarded, and gaining access to it can be difficult for any non-elf.
Pedrokahn – This city has traded hands several times throughout history between Nyroc and Ilrodus, though it was under the rule of Nyroc that the city became the metropolis it is today. Additionally the cities port has allowed it to establish close ties with Sumir. Because of this Pedrokahn is one of the most multicultural cities in the entirety of the Eastern Kingdoms.

The Confederation of Nyroc

Nyroc: Not long ago, this region was home to many warring tribes, with little to no real influence. This changed rapidly after the discovery of euer, a special kind of wheat which seemed to have adapted itself to the harsh climate. The region quickly grew from tribes, to states, to a confederacy. Though still called a confederacy, the region would best be described as a monarchy with numerous powerful vassal lords. The king and lords of Nyroc have very close ties with the Order of the True Flame.
Major Cities:
Wasil (Capital) – Originally the capital city of the state of Wasil, the city quickly grew to establish itself as the cultural center of the confederacy. The city is known for its grand architectural projects, such as the immense walls which surround the city. Known mostly for its harsh winters, Wasil also harbors the second largest mages guildhall in the world, a home away from home for members of the Order of the True Flame. Anyone seeking entrance to the Spire of Ottrix who does not have an explicit invitation from the Order should probably start here.
The Spire of Ottrix – While not a city, the Spire is one of, if not the most important place in all of the Eastern Kingdoms. The Spire serves as the global headquarters of the Order of the True Flame, a guild to which all mages who gain any notoriety must join. Gaining access to the spire isn’t easy. The only way in is either through the Sgiath Mountains or via magic. The entirety of the shore consists of rocks and cliffs. Passage through the Sgiath Mountains is very difficult, and the small number of paths available are monitored by both magical and congenital means. Typically unless an invitation is sent to an individual or group, access will only be granted once a permit has been acquired through a smaller mage guild somewhere in the Eastern Kingdoms.

The Kingdom of Vorsil

Vorsil: Vorsil consists of fertile grasslands ruled by a system of feudal lords and a monarch. Vorsil is the most militarily powerful of all of the Eastern Kingdoms due mostly to its large population.
Major Cities:
Delmar (Capital) – Best described as “gritty”, Delmar is far from a pristine city. Most of the city consists of slums ruled over by a single rogue’s guild. Though the upper most levels of the guild changes about once a decade, most of the lower levels remain intact. Thus while never truly as old as The Jade Hand, the Delmar rogue’s guild is almost always its equal in terms of influence. The current rogue’s guild in the city, The Opal Tear, currently has an alliance with The Jade Hand, though the Delmar rogues guild and The Jade Hand have warred in the past.
Kervo – Possibly the richest city in the Eastern Kingdoms, nearly all trade to or from the Spire of Ottrix passes through this city’s ports. Once a small fishing town, it grew into a city rapidly with the development of Nyroc. Though conquered by Vorsil during the Tornian Wars, very little about the city changed due to its isolation between the Sgiath and Fiorinn Mountains. There exists a reactionary faction within the city known as the Crimson Axe which wants to see the city return to its small fishing village roots. To accomplish this, this group seeks to disrupt trade within the city and are especially active in the docks.

The Middle Kingdoms

The Nation of Beldor

Beldor: Kingdom of the dwarves and the only land passage from the Eastern to the Western Kingdoms. The vast, vast majority of the nation is uninhabitable tundra. The entirety of the population rests either within the city of Ignaz or along the coast of the Umleten Sea. Those seeking transport between the kingdoms by land must either hug the coast or seek the aid of the dwarves, who have their own paths and forts set up throughout the tundra. Since the coastal roads are all plagued by bandits, most of the travelers seek passage from the dwarves.
Major Cities:
Ignaz (Capital) – Probably the greatest feat of engineering ever accomplished. Ignaz is city build in and on a mountain. The city is fed water from an underground spring, which created the caves in which the oldest parts of the city were built. A massive system of bellows keeps the air fresh, and massive green houses on the mountainside keep the city fed. Travelers to the city only get to are permitted to see the mountain surface and the first few levels of the underground settlement. Beyond that access if restricted to natives and special guests only. Rumors speak of even greater works in the heart of the mountain, but they are largely unsubstantiated.
Egrom – Former capital city of the gnomes. During the gnomish civil war much of the city was destroyed, and most of the remainder of the population moved to Ignaz. The city is still slowly being rebuilt by a few of the gnomes who chose to remain behind, but most of the work is being done by human colonists moving into the area from Nyroc.

The Pirate Kingdom of Oppolus

Oppolus: An jungle island, a country originally founded by pirates. Though the ruler is called “The Pirate King”, he is actually a democratically elected ruler. Though the island has largely turned away from piracy, it often takes a more lenient stance on the issue than other nations since it is at Oppolus where those pirates more often than not spend their coin. No other nation can really pressure Oppolus into reigning in piracy due to the islands massive naval superiority over all other powers. Though the kingdom has been around for over 200 years, much of the interior of the island has not been explored. Rumors of ancient civilizations and great treasures have not deterred the occasional adventurer or explorer, but the fact that virtually none of them ever returned has.

The Western Kingdoms

There is virtually no direct contact between the Eastern and Western kingdoms. Trade through Beldor and Oppolus does exist, but it is very minor. In the east, virtually nothing is known of the culture of the west, beyond what is in the histories. The only contact the two sides have had is in battles held every few years, but nothing ever comes of it.


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