Brief Timeline What year it was had been different for different races and nations for nearly all of history. This all changed when the war began and both sides, without agreeing to it together, both decided to set the date the war began as year 0. Anything that happened before the war would be recorded as C.C. or Cairis Cogell, directly translated from dwarven to before the war. Anything that happened after would be recorded as S.A. Sibh Abar, directly translated from dwarven to The Now. Most events did not happen in a specific year so the year is an approximation.

1641 C.C. Sumir rebels against the empire which colonized it

906 C.C. Major tensions first appear between the followers of Torvuk and Mazaeus

876-823 C.C. Life of Ottrix

847 C.C. Foundation of the Order of the True Flame

823 C.C. Construction of the Tower of Ottrix

812 C.C. Empire of Sumir collapses

732 C.C. Elves withdraw from their territories back into the woods of Frith.

529 C.C. Euer first cultivated in Nyroc

465 C.C. Ushuni Northwestern Conquest

397 C.C. Laras Reunites the Nation of Sumir

392 C.C. Ilrodus divided into separate elven nations

273 C.C. Warring states period begins in Nyroc

221 C.C. Nyroc united. Treaty of Kervo signed

196 C.C. Ilrodus reunited

190-186 C.C. Nyroc expands in the south, reaching so far as the Formus Mountains

180-176 C.C. Ilrodus expands northward conquering much of the land settled by the people of Nyroc only a decade earlier. Lais is slain in battle during this period.

170 C.C. Ilrodus high council formed

166 C.C. Pirate Kingdom of Oppolus founded

152 C.C. Pax

88 C.C. Ilrodus capital moved from Pandrodor to Harnar

47 C.C. Domhan coronated as king of Dwarves

0 S.B. The war beings, though there are very few battles fought. The war is much more like a cold war with occasional skirmishes between the sides every few years, and an actual campaign very infrequently. No nation has fully mobilized for war, and the two sides are anything but united.

12 S.B. Gnomish Split

15 S.B. Dwarven Split

32 S.B. Tornian Wars begin

51 S.B. Elves conquer the port city of Pedrokhan

73 S.B. Tornian Wars End

93 S.B. Kaetos ascends to godhood


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